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Founded in 2007, has established itself as a leader in the free forum hosting industry, providing a dependable forum hosting solution to millions of users around the world. Our custom admin panel gives you access to hundreds of settings and features, allowing you to customize your free forum for your needs. We give our customers the widest selection of forum mods available.

Focusing on Our Customers is one of the only free forum hosts to operate solely off proprietary software. We developed our own custom free forum solution to meet the needs of our customers. Our entire platform and infrastructure was built and developed in-house by our programmers. We also manage our entire server network and all of our equipment used by our free forum system.

Always Evolving
When a company becomes as successful as, it's easy to become complacent. We're not happy just being the best, and we are constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers. Whether it is constant free forum upgrades, scaling our network, or hiring new staff, we are always moving forward. Our free forums will always remain #1 in terms of features in support, no matter how long you're with us.

#1 in Service and Support
Since the beginning, has offered unparalleled service and support for our free forums. With staff located around the world we are able to offer True 24/7 Support via email and support forums. Where as other hosts take hours responding to service related issues, our staff are on standby 24/7 to resolve any problems before you know about them.

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" is truly an intellectual free forum hosting company. The service is unique, fun, and perfect. I will surely recommend to anyone wanting good, respectable, and quality free Forum service."

- Matthew Schnider

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