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Custom Admin Panel's custom admin panel provides forum administrators with all the tools needed to build and launch a successful forum.

We offer two versions of the admin panel, one for basic admins and one for advanced admins. The simple version provides all the necessary options to manage a forum, displayed in an easy to understand user interface. The advanced version of our free forum admin panel gives advanced admins access to all the default phpBB3 options.

Whether you're just starting out or a forum guru, we have the perfect admin panel for our free forums!

Forum Styles

With over 170+ different styles installed on our free forums, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your forum. With our new "Color selecting" system, styles are tagged based on the colors present. This allows you to quickly narrow down the styles you want on your free forum.

Forum Mods

At we offer more features to customize your forum than any other free forum host around. We are constantly installing new features and mods, most of which are requested by our users. We are consistently at the top in terms of innovative features. If you see something cool on another host, chances are it started at

Our innovative "Mod Center" allows admins to quickly enable/disable installed mods on their forum. This allows you to only enable the mods you and your users want. For a list of all the features we offer check out the more features page.

True 24/7 Support

Most free forum hosts offer "24/7 support" via email, but depending on where you live it might be 15 hours before you get a response. At, we strategically hire support team members around the world in different timezones. This allows us to offer True 24/7 Support no matter where you live.

In addition to support on our support forum, we also offer email support for private issues. Both are staffed with experts in the field and can answer any problem or question you have.

Recovery Console

You spend hours working on your forum, yet all that work would be ruined if someone steals your password and logs into your forum. Not at

Our novel Recovery Console allows admins to login and undo harmful changes to their forum. If you need to restore your status as an admin, unpark a domain, or view who has been on your forum, this is the place. We also offer an upgrade package where you can restore your forum to a previous backup in case something bad happens.

Core Features's FF (free forum) System offers more core features than any other free forum providers. When you create a free forum on the FF System, you will have access to tons of core features.

In addition to the core features of unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, all languages, over one gig upload space, spam prevention, custom domain support, we also offer hundreds of other features, some of them can be seen on our more features page


We offer more features for your free forum than any other host around. We also offer upgrades you can purchase for a small fee. These upgrades include adding a custom domain ( to your free forum, removing the ads and copyright, using an existing domain, among others.