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Having served millions of users from around the world, is always looking for feedback and testimonials. If you would like to submit a testimonal please contact us. Remember, pictures are optional but appreciated.


Kathy (KathySmith)

" is a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to have a place to get my fellow high school alumni back together, but wanted to be sure first that we could feel secure that it would be there years down the road. I have tried creating websites and forums in the past for this purpose, but ended up with a charge for the service (after it was established) or with tons of pop-up ads, making the site a place where people did NOT want to return.

The support at FreeForums is unbeatable, the staff is friendly, and the camaraderie between forum owners is an added bonus. The icing on the cake - No Ads! It just doesn't get any better.

Thanks to Freeforums, I feel secure in the knowledge that all of my forums have a permanent residence, which is essential for keeping alumni in touch. Thanks FreeForums! You guys truly are the best!"

Llyssa (Leithare)

"As a veteran forum user of over 15 years, I am extremely hard to impress. I've seen tons of companies that host free discussion boards, but none like intuitive, supportive, prompt, courteous, professional...the list could very well go on, but I'm sure you get the general idea. The fact is, that so far - is the only company to deliver all they promised (No ads means NO ADS - ever!) without cutting any corners - and that alone makes them stand out as an elite free forum host in the World Wide Web. Their features are unbeatable and the service is outstanding - far more than what I expected from a 'free forum host'. This is a professional host, offering premium services for a fraction of a time it takes, to sign up for a free forum. I hope they're here to stay for a long, long time."
Thomas (Alpha_Bear)

"Well, i started a forum after one that i loved closed. It didn't go well so i helped set up another. That forum host was rather terrible and started spamming my forum with Adds. The host said it was 'Ad-Free' BUT it seems they didn't count adds in treads as adds. I was rather annoyed and spent ages looking for an add free forum. I found this one of the second page of my "Add-Free Forums Hosting" Google search. Why its on the second page with its number of hits i don't know! Its THE best forum host around! No Adds, Pop Ups and The Best Service Around! Me thinks anyone who finds this host will see that its second to none! GREAT SERVICE GUYS!!! You've indicatively expanded my knowledge of HTML and I have learned many things while I have been here. Thanks for the help."
Danny (StarShadow)

"I've been online long enough to know a good deal when I find one ... and the FreeForums service is quite obviously an exceptionally cool place ... both in concept and execution. The staff is dedicated, friendly, and competent.

When I began making websites a good many moons ago, I sought the best of hosting facilities. I wanted a place where my online creations would be safe, sound, and secure. I eventually found such an environment. That was very important to me ... my pages deserve nothing less.

Thousands of message boards exist in cyberspace. Yet the FreeForums service is well on its way to becoming one of the very best ... and perhaps THE very best! I long ago found the perfect host for my website projects. Now, I have what seems to be an equally good forum service for sharing my tales, and other observations, with the world at large."
Bobby (BobbyShowalter)

"The mods, the skins, the AMAZING SUPPORT; all of it keeps me coming back for more. Thank you FreeForums and specifically thank you Jackal for your unending dedication to all of your customers. Your help comes quickly and accurately, and I appreciate it.

Thanks from a very happy customer."
Jason (Hook)

"I never expected to get so much from a free forum. They just keep giving and I almost feel bad that I havn't given anything back. One day I will. In any case, as far as free forums go, this is king. Easy to use, lots of features, no ads, very good customer support, good uptime and folks behind the scenes have made me feel at home."
Pete (Hook)

"I had started a forum for the first time at another host.
I thought that was really great.
Then the Ads just inundated my forums - they even put in some offensive adult ads!!!
I didn't know any better! LOL I wanted to start another forum for my development I live in but instead of using the same host I looked around a bit and found this ad-free forum host ''!
I set up the new forum and was very Pleasantly Surprised!
NO ADs! - GREAT Mods! - GREAT Styles! - GREAT Service & Support!!! - FAR EASIER to Use!!!
I then proceeded to MOVE my original forum 'HooksUTPlace' to Free Forums!
Quite a bit of work but WELL WORTH the EFFORT!
I love it here!!! - Thank You!!!"
Andy (netsavy006)

"I love I love how they have no ads on their page(s). has excellent support with response times in less then 2 hours at most. I like how freeforums listens to the needs and suggestions raised by it's fellow users. If I were to grade them like an exam I'd give them a 110% for their excellent service and quality of their forums. Thanks freeforums for providing a great service."
Roger (Rogheff)

"I've been playing with creating websites for about 6 years now. I've been looking for a service that would allow me to include a forum feature into my site and discovered freeforums by happenstance.

I like the concept and flexibility of so much that I moved 2 of my sites here. I have been able to include nearly everything I had on the previous sites, plus a forum feature.

Two of my sites are Scouting related, and it's nice to know the level of security has."
Sean (SeanB)

"I am totally new to forum administration, but within a weeks time, I've started a successful, high quality forum and have almost 90 members. Thanks to, I took the leap and tried something new and it's worked out great. And thanks to their constant support and upgrades, I'm getting tons of kudos for the great site I've made! (shh, freeforums is our little secret.)"
MrSun (Kenoriga)

"Although I have only used for only like 2 or 3 weeks, I am satisfied to a large extent. There are no ads, which makes it so different from many other providers. Although it is still quite featureless, it has been providing lots of nice updates. The admins here are also quick in replying many questions here and there."
Mike (Orangetona)

"Definitely the best free web hosting ever. Ive tried a few different ones before I came here. I can say, this has the best feedback, mods, and help of any of them out there."
Ben (Teleportermaster)

"I have tried a Lot of sites. There are those that say there are few ads etc. and then Flood your forum/website with advertizements and drive away members. Some sites say that it's your own free website, but you can only edit text and have little or no control. With, users aren't driven away by ads, and it really is your own site. I think one of the best things about is that you can request your own mods, forum styles, etc. The freeforums service is fast, reliable, and totally free."
Michael (Pace)

"I was looking for a forum for a long time, I have gone through so many. But, when I found, I knew it was the one. It's the best forum hoster I have seen yet. There are so many great things about it and I won't ever regret making a forum here."
Richard (Evlesoa)

" is probably the greatest hosting website I can ever find. The service is great, and constant upgrades and the performance upgrades. This is really a wonderful place to be, good support, and its fast. If there is any service that is better, it probably doesnt exist. This definitely is the greatest service you can find. Also, the staff is very polite, and nice. They always get to you, even if it takes some time because they are busy. I can only give a big thanks to how much I appreciate this service."

"I have little-to-no technical skills when it comes to the Internet and anything computer-related. From my college career, I learned how to use Microsoft Office but that is about it. So how can someone like me create and run their own web forum? It's easy! Your website, made this possible, and it was virtually effortless. I have SO many options, from templates to mods, and all sorts of controls I never even knew about! And with the friendliness of the staff and other forum admins, I learn something new practically every day. Thank you so much for helping me become so much more tech-saavy and for giving me and my friends a place to roleplay with no ads, and tons of the best customer service on the 'net! Thank you thank you thank you!"

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"The best free forum hosting site ever! My forums are so fast and they have a fresh feel to it. The admin panel is so usable and organized! I can make as many sections as I want without limits, and it goes on until you have no more ideas! Love you Free Forums!"

- Nighton

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